Share The Wealth: The Importance of Sharing Content

Share the wealth…your content!

What did we do before the good ole’ Facebook newsfeed? What would we know about trending if it weren’t for Twitter? Or what our professional contacts are blogging about through LinkedIn? For better or for worse, society today has turned into a digital sphere; a never-ending black hole of information, pictures, videos, and social content. Yes, we may be nobodies without our beloved social media, but what about the importance of sharing content? As mentioned in our previous post earlier in the week, content means little to nothing without sharing it. You can generate award-winning articles, compelling blog posts, and interesting tweets, but with no one to see it, we ask, “what’s the point?”

The point, my friends, is the power of the share button, most commonly seen on Facebook and LinkedIn. See an interesting article your co-workers might like? Share it. Read about a devastating tragedy that just happened only minutes ago? It’s probably already been shared and found itself first on your newsfeed. The power of sharing content is the key to viral success and your own digital success. Sharing content does not have to be in the form of a button, either. Spreading your content through various social platforms, online forums, discussion boards and groups online relevant to your industry also counts. Show people what you are capable of accomplishing. Take pride in your work, become passionate about something, and others will too.

Don’t hoard your content to yourself! Go ahead and share the wealth! (We won’t mind if you share this blog post, either!)