Understanding Offline/Online Marketing and Offline/Online Purchasing

Four Marketing / Purchase Quadrants
Four Marketing / Purchase Quadrants © Edgewater Technology Weblog
I stumbled upon a post entitled “Understanding Multichannel Analytics” on the Edgewater Technology Weblog today. The most interesting part of the post is the four marketing / purchase quadrants pictured to the left. Joe Kamenar, the author, provides very good job solutions for both of the red quadrants as they relate to the multichannel analytics integration process.

After reading this post I clicked the author’s name and read two other articles that can be of value to marketing strategists and marketing communications pros.

Here are links to these posts:

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t be put off by the February 2010 datestamps on these posts. While some of the information isn’t relevant a year later, large parts remain immediately important.