Ranking Your Tweets

Ever wonder if your tweets help people find you? Does anyone care about your tweets? What about ranking them?

The author of the MoreTechTips blog has thought about these questions and many more. In a recent post entitled “Twitter Rank of Your Website” he describes a “rank checker that calculates the Twitter rank of your website which indicates your realtime search visibility.”

What’s the secret sauce? According to the post: “Rank checker uses the search method of Topsy RESTfull API to query the most popular tweeted stories in the selected domain and time period. Then loops the returned JSON list to calculates the average score…that’s it!”

I tried the rank checker with my tweets over the past month and the results were enlightening. Some really tweets didn’t show up at all and others I thought were not as useful had decent ranks. What conclusions can I draw? How will my tweets change as a result of the rank checker? These are good questions and I don’t have the answers yet. But it’s good to know the rank checker exists and I’ll plan to use it.