Verizon and the Horizon

So my Droid is coming in today and the timing couldn’t be better. Today is the last day to sign up for $30 unlimited data from Verizon and as of tomorrow it will cost many times more for tiered data packages. Good timing for me! I intend to use it for GPS and internet radio which over a month would destroy the limit of 5gb per month at the new $30 plan.

I sent an email to Verizon explaining about how what their doing is a very poor decision. They are trying to limit the 20% of customers who use a lot of data for the sake of the network. Their solution involved everyone constantly monitoring their usage out of fear of huge overage fees. Bad feelings translate to a bad company. Data is cheap to provide, and yes I’m aware of the huge overhead changes, but if money is the driving factor then appealing to customers should be the solution. Throttling overusers would be a better solution than this. Something tells me they make money with the current plan and are trying to squeeze more out of greed or because “everyone else” is doing it. Why not stand out as a good guy and win all of the unsatisfied customers from other carriers, instead of creating your own. Marketing 101 Verizon… In the words of Ice Cube, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

But enough about me, oh wait this is my blog post muhahahaha!

Next week we are going to roll out our Customer Satisfaction Survey to a selected list of customers. We want some brutally honest feedback to work with so let us know truly how you feel about TRA360. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been making a lot of changes recently for the better- And we are just getting started! Feedback is critical to this process, so if your one of the lucky few who are asked to helped please do- It’s for the good of everyone involved. Stay tuned…