Relationship Building 101: Part II

Become the thought leader in your industry!

Did you read Part I of Relationship Building 101 and want more tips on best practices for establishing relationships in your industry? If so, you have come to the right place! Welcome to Part II of Relationship Building 101. TRA360’s tip of the week is:

Become the thought leader in your industry.

Despite what industry you may be in, anyone can become a thought leader. First, Do your homework by reading the industry trades and publications, following relevant news closely and be the first one to let your consumers know. One successful way to become a thought leader in your industry is to give daily or weekly free pieces of information out through various social media accounts (like Facebook or Twitter), blogs, or webinars. Give your consumers the information that they want to hear first! By giving related information or industry tips on a regular basis, you will begin to grow a following and become a trusted leader in your industry. After all, trust is a necessary element to any healthy relationship, professional or non-professional.

Keep your eyes peeled for the last tip of Relationship Building 101 coming soon. In the meantime, tweet to us @TRA360 and let us know how you build and maintain relationships in your industry. We would love to hear your thoughts!