Relationship Building 101: Part III

Tip #3: Take notice and respond accordingly!

Congrats, you have made it this far in our mini-series of Relationship Building 101: How to build and establish relationships in your industry. Our final tip to help you on your way to becoming a pro relationship builder is:

Take notice and respond accordingly

Unfortunately, there are companies who have social media accounts but may not have the time or the knowledge to properly maintain them. However, by taking notice and responding to a re-tweet or Facebook comment, you are showing that you care. A “thank you” is sufficient, but in order to build relationships, conversation is key. Craft a response or question to that specific comment that will engage both parties. Building relationships can take time, but interaction through conversations and questions will help bring your relationship to the next level with clients or potential clients.

Thanks for checking out our blog series on relationship building. Make sure to keep checking back for new posts about social media, marketing and technical communications as they relate to the world of technology and innovation!